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The steps of SEO

SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) is the art of positioning your website in order to increase its notoriety in the results of search engines such as Google. Only the technique of natural referencing can achieve this goal. SEO consists of revitalizing the structure of your website through the use of relevant keywords and regular attractive content such as articles.

Being visible

In the wild Internet where the competition is increasingly tough, it is essential to have a web site that is sustainable and especially effectively visible on the web. If you want to be well positioned on Google, a good visibility must be the first step in order to achieve your goals.

Developing traffic

Because being visible is not enough to generate sales, developing your traffic is essential, especially for e-commerce websites. Indeed, traffic acquisition is the basis for any website. Without this, an e-commerce site cannot hope to make sales.

Converting traffic

Because the conversion rate is a performance indicator, you have to do a thorough work in order to generate traffic but especially to convert it via the optimization of the referencing on search engines. Indeed, a simple visit of your site is not enough because since you will have to convert your visitors into customers or leads.

My Mission

Referencing your

My name is Marion Giovanelli and I am a freelance SEO consultant. Passionate about digital, and more particularly about the world of SEO, I decided to launch myself into in this field after finishing training and helping my first clients. 

My goal ? Increasing your traffic and your visibility on the web in order to develop your site, and therefore, increasing your turnover.

To do this, my mission is to allow your web site to be positioned in the first results on search engines. rank on search engines.

Because you can create your website by yourself, keep in mind that the traffic of your website will not be the same as if you entrust it to professional of SEO.

Solutions adapted to your SEO projects

Technical and semantic SEO audit

Because every website is different, it is essential to start with a SEO auditThe audit will enable you to see what what strengths and weaknesses are.. The technical SEO audit will allow you to know precisely if the search engine can see all the pages of your site, if the loading times are efficient or if your tree structure is optimised. The mission of the SEO consultant will also be to address potential problems the site, such as performance or accessibility of the pages for search engines. It will analyse the positioning of competitors to better understand the sector of activity.

Optimisation of the technical part and the content

Concerning the technical part, once the failures have been detected and analysed during the audit, the consultant will present you with an effective strategy to ensure the best natural referencing and thus the optimal positioning of your website. This strategy will consist of the implementation of a certain number of actions on your site. For the content optimisation part, we will focus on the architecture of the siteits internal mesh, the pages themselves (orphaned or indexed) and quality of its contents. The consultant's task will be to ensure its redesign if necessary to make it efficient

Netlinking campaign

Backlinks are one of the main factors in the algorithms for determining rankings. There are several types of backlinks, "classic backlinks" and "premium backlinks". To be perfectly referenced, you need to know how to nadopt the right netlinking strategies and choose relevant backlinks. To boost your SEO, conducting a netlinking campaign with relevant backlinks and especially of quality is essential to achieve this. The SEO consultant must identify the best backlinks according to your area of expertise, plan these campaigns by following an organisation established beforehand, while respecting the needs of its client.

Monitoring and performance

To be effective, a SEO strategy must be measurablethe follow-up stage of performance is therefore necessary. The job of a SEO consultant is to communicate to you the evolution of the traffic to your website each month, so that you can witness the results and see your positioning on the targeted keywords. The consultant conducts a regular monitoring thanks to the tools for monitoring SEO indicators such as Semrush or even Google Search Console. Depending on the client's request, the reporting will be more detailed or not. The reporting can be set up every month or every 3 months depending on the request. 

Photo de profil


Marion Giovanelli

After a Master 2 in event communication in Paris at ISCOM and a professional experience within the LVMH group, I decided to launch myself in entrepreneurship. Indeed, I'm very passionate about the field of digital and more specifically SEO, has always passionate. J’ai donc pris l’initiative de prendre contact d’une agence reconnue dans ce secteur, l’agence Impulsion SEOwhere I have been trained on the basics of SEOand where I have the opportunity to accompany my first clients such as Enault-Leclerc Lawyers and many others. 

Thanks to my background, my fluent English and a very technical experience, as well as a mastery of the most common CMS on the market WordPressI decided to use my skills in the field of SEO.

My goal is to help with the development of your website and to make use of all my knowledge and my skills at the service of your company.

This is how I became a SEO consultant!

The tools I use

SemRush is an SEO software including many SEO analysis tools. Why use it? It allows us to measure the traffic value of a domain name. It is used to carry out competitive studies, analyse incoming links, carry out technical audits and suggest suitable keywords. 

SEObserver brings together the essential SEO tools: netlinking, competitor website analysis, keyword research... It is an increasingly popular tool, as it allows you to analyse and design an SEO plan very easily.


As for Google Search Console, it facilitates the analysis of your website. It is a tool for monitoring referencing. There are many actions it can perform, such as de-indexing a page. It also allows you to identify problems with the site, for example, at the level of its exploration.

WordPress is an open-source website creation platform. On a more technical level, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database. In non-geek speak, WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website builder available today. allows you to see what your potential customers are looking for on the net. Indeed, the site proposes the queries regularly sought by Internet users in a dedicated sector. It allows you to optimise your targeting. 

Do you have a project ?


I was trained by the SEO agency Impulsion SEO. This company, created in 2020 by Romain PirotteSEO expert, offers tailor-made solutions to its clients in order to meet their expectations and objectives. The aim is to boost their visibility, their turnover, etc. Romain Pirotte is one of the youngest of his generation to have created software dedicated to SEO experts and to have organised events on the subject.

This experience has enabled me to become expert in SEO and how to use the different SEO tools and CMS. It has also given me the opportunity to earn the experience since I was able to help Impulsion in its missions with its clients by contributing to their success.

logo enault leclerc panthere

The Avocats Enault-Lecerc law firmAvocats Enault-Leclerc in Rouen wanted to reach new customers on the web, that's the reasin why they decide to get in touch why me. They entrusted me with the mission of better reference their website freshly created.

Thanks to their trustI was given carte blanche to ensure the proper visibility of their new site I was in charge of setting up the whole SEO strategy which consists of proposing solutions after having drawn up an audit. Different steps have been put in place  such as the creation of backlinks or the writing articles on a regular basis. The follow-up will be done over several months in order to obtain concrete feedback on the evolution of their referencing.


Better understand the job of an SEO consultant

First of all, an SEO agency will not necessarily be more competent than an SEO consultant (and vice versa). However, the main advantage of working through an freelance SEO consultant is the cost of the latter. In most cases, an agency will charge higher rates, as it has more expenses than a freelancer (premises, communication costs, etc.). Another advantage is that the SEO consultant will offer you more proximity than an agency. You will be able to ask more questions and get answers more quickly as you will only have one contact for your project. 

While most people are familiar with the concept of SEO, not so many understand how search engine optimization actually works. There was a time when optimising your content for search engines was fairly simple and could be mastered by almost anyone. As search engine algorithms become more sophisticated and continually change, the need to hire an SEO expert becomes more and more necessary. Improving search engine visibility can have a significant impact on website traffic, brand image and revenue. 

As opposed to a marketing strategy like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that works almost instantly, SEO campaigns can take some time to produce results. This means that you won't see your website rise to the top of the rankings the same day you implement SEO. You won't see customers flooding your storefront, and your revenue won't increase in the first week of implementing your campaign. Instead, you can expect to wait about six months before you start seeing results. These results go beyond rankings, too. However, since every site is different, this time can obviously be shorter.

As with all service providers, the price of an SEO consultant varies according to the time required to complete the SEO assignment. Depending on your needs, the SEO consultant will provide you with a quote based on the estimated workload. A minimum commitment of 6 months is generally required for SEO services. Search engine results are obtained within this contractual time commitment.

In a few figures


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(source : SEO tribunal)

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(source : SEJ)

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(Sources : hubspot)


So don't hesitate any longer and contact me to set up your SEO strategy on your website! 
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